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tv   WGN News at Nine  CW  April 15, 2013 9:00pm-10:00pm CDT

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>> we still do not know who did this. any responsible individuals or groups will feel the full weight of justice. >> our top story seen around the country tonight on wgn america, terror at the finish line of the boston marathon when two bombs go off, 141 people hurt, 17 are in critical condition, to people are dead, one of them was an 18 year-old boy. we have reporter in boston tonight. >> a terrorist attack at the finish line of the boston
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marathon. two explosions within seconds of each other along the marathon route. at first it sounded like a cannon blast but it was so strong and it felt like it was going to blow my head off. we're not ready to confirm the details of those injuries. we will find out who did this, why they did this. any responsible individuals and any responsible groups will feel the full weight of justice. the force of the explosions caused a bill in a cloud of smoke and rising panic. everyone started to crascramble not knowing if te were more explosions to come. >> we are investigating all leads right now.
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>> authorities have set up a to applied and are asking people to go home or to hotels and avoid large crowds. people should be calm but they should understand that this is an ongoing events, many of the nearly 27,000 registered athletes are still working to complete the course when the bombs went off. >> the explosion happened just before 2:00 chicago time many chicago runners were already finished. back at o'hare airport. i talked with several people who ran the marathon and they're pretty shaken up tonight, some of them were not right there when it happened, nonetheless when they saw the pictures when they were very
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shaken up and they were lucky they came very close they know that they could have been hurt but they feel tonight for those who were directly affected. brad had finished the boston marathon one hour earlier. they were finishing a slice of pizza near the finish line when they heard the explosions go off one after the other. they said that the scene was chaotic ambulances and police were everywhere, volunteers in runners were helping the injured. we were all shaken. tom hayes is the mayor of a lack of arlington heights who has run nine boston marathons. i didn't even think about it going into it.
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certainly it's not anywhere near your thought processes you just think about finishing and having a good race. now we will certainly think about this as we go forward in marathons' certainly. audrey thought that he would run boston only ones now he and abroad say that they have to go again next year. i think we all have to run boston. we will run boston or chicago. >> we see americans and their determination with times of tragedy and we see their resilience, audrey and brett are two men who will definitely go back there just to support boston and the marathon but one thing is for sure from now won
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marathons and the runners who serun them around the world will never be the same. we all know that the boston marathon is an international event that brings runners in from all around the world. we spoke with many of them. many were very close to the chaos. including a recent visitor to the wgn studios, she and her boyfriend were volunteering at the marathon she was stationed at refreshment table right near the finish line. i felt in my god right as it happens. but like many she was initially confused by the initial explosion, this happens seconds later. all of a sudden there was a sense of panic which started running.
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this chicagoan was in town to support a friend he was one block away from the explosion. lots of the ambulances, people running, lots of chaos. 51 year- old veteran runner frank coleman was recovering in the medical tent when the injured were rushed in. there were people with extremely severe injuries. it was really horrifying. chicagoans, hundreds of them who earned the right to run in boston felt a kinship with the city >> i do feel like they do a great job with security so i think it's just shocked everybody but i'm sure all cities will be reconsidering their security tactics when they host major marathons in the future. we met a major athlete before he had to the race, this
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was his first boston marathon. he finished hours before but all day he felt the effects of the devastating bombing. this great day for so many people. it's just a sad day. he mentioned it is this year's boston marathon. a small bombs and the deadly blast just seconds apart we received this rob video of the explosions from the boston globe. smoke filling the square
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in boston. people screaming, running, first responder scrambling to cope with the casualties in and secure the scene. among the 141 people injured we know there were imputations, some very critical injuries at the scene of the explosion. we're joined by the head of orthopedic surgery at the university of chicago medical center. you have a bit of an inside track on the aftermath, you have been in touch with some of your
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colleagues in boston. he taxed the back that he had done eight imputation so far since the bomb blast and that he is still working. apparently these bombs were propelling. the greatest number of injuries occur from shrapnel. some of these may be part of the explosive device others may be any surrounding objects that are just projected by the bomb and cause a massive injuries, fractures, loss of skin, muscle and it's this loss of tissue that results in most of the amputation. it is the
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massive number of projectiles that are projected by this explosion that really harm people, sometimes in multiple locations, multiple injuries in the same victims. those medical professionals were not equipped for those explosions, there were
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not intending to deal with the injured. i go out to you in your profession, my respect. shortly after those explosions google set up a finder on its web site is called boston marathon explosion, you can either search for someone or input information about someone's whereabouts. boston police have a number that they are putting up. up next are terrorism analyst takes a closer look at what is now being classified as a terrorist attack. what they're doing to keep chicago safe.
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the finish line into was behind it cities are taking no risks. experts believe the way in which these were detonated in boston indicated it does not take very much to have a significant impact you can never be too careful. wheat for the most part are a reactionary nation, thomas a security expert he worked with the city during the nato summit next may. he watches like the rest of us boston falls victim to unsuspected terrorism i think people are constantly told to be diligent and see something, say something but when events do not occur people
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tend to want to go about their business. at rush-hour foot traffic on the concourse is very fast but amid all the usual commotion is increased law enforcement on foot and on bike. the pros say the canines are still the best of finding explosives. it is not aware of any additional threats at this time but a spokesman shares this: the city of big shoulder is lending a hand to boston if needed. chicagoans will help in any way they can. this evening
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folks at the bank of america chicago marathon released a statement saying: to that we should tell you the bureau of alcohol tobacco and firearms tell us they already have dozens of agents on the scene in boston which includes agents at explosion sites and certified explosives specialist and several bomb attacks working with the evidence. joining us now on the phone is our terrorism analyst. can you hear us? we talked about the fact
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that whether it's domestic or foreign how will they go about doing that they still have some explosives that were not detonated. >> yes it can because explosives and bombs have a signature there evidence that they can be read and interpreted. right now we have to scenarios. it is being guarded on the other hand this happened right after oklahoma city to stop the man who was going to london and it turned out that he was carrying innocent equipment that was not related at all. gil by association. or he could be connected, we don't know yet. it's a couple days away from the beginning of revolution on april
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18th. it's the anniversary of the 19th of april with the waco texas incident and the oklahoma city bombing and gun control advocates running in this race on behalf of sandy hook elementary to dramatize gun violence so this is in all kinds of ways a very high-profile target but to be fair it could also be proved to be the al- qaeda style. let's talk about the investigation is underway in a big way already. all the physical evidence is there.
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there is a lot of video evidence as well. >> absolutely. you got three tasks when you are dealing with this first and foremost it's to secure the area so no one else's hurt, then you want to immediately tend to the wounded but then you want a criminal investigation so they're going to be looking at everything from where the bombs were planted, to the physical evidence from the bombs if they found exploded devices that will be a huge invented. to get a sense of who the perpetrators were. the fbi immediately taking control of the investigation,
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you should see what's going on out in the plains states with snow. that's the storm that will ultimately warmus up but it will turn us what. it warms up for a
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fifth day this year we have had 60 degree temperatures a little lower than yesterday's high down by three degrees. an average among all of our computer models on rainfall for the coming week. april produces 3.38 in. of rain so we're getting almost a month worth of rain we said right at the epicenter of the heaviest rain expected in the country. this whole corridor could see some big rains in excess of 3 in.. there are some numbers attached to that heavy rain area that runs north of one madison wisconsin. you have an
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unseasonably warm air across the southern u.s.. that incredible temperature contrast is what sets up the jet stream. we are way down from where we were earlier today. this cool areas sidling into the area in the afternoon tomorrow the wins will even turn off of the lake that makes it cooler still. the jet stream rips through the atmosphere between it but when it starts to bubble in like this you get some real trouble. you have snowstorms on one side of the pattern like this and maybe tornadic thunderstorms on the east side. we could have some heavy weather in this area. it is 48 at o'hare and midway
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tonight. there is no wind to speak of. but there are advisories' out to the west. these are wind advisories out into the plains. you know mother nature is cooking something up for us tomorrow there will be heavy weather down south it in crouch is pretty close to our air space by wednesday and by thursday you can put chicago in that potential severe weather risk area. here is the ring going through tonight this is not associated with the main storm but it is producing some downpours in a spring that has been pretty wet around here. the
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clouds will break as we start the day tomorrow. tomorrow there will be easterly winds in the afternoon. those are the heavy rain producing thunderstorms those will come in one after another starting tomorrow night
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wednesday night and into thursday. the temperature down to 41, tomorrow we start with mixed son but it turns over.
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this is video from today's taping of the radio throw show. their money pet's draining money from their owners why so-called is on the mortgages are causing financial ruin to some. a few weeks late but we do have a deal. wrigley field renovations.
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rundown home was once the seat of his financial future instead it unlocked a nightmare. all of the copper piping, all of the walls were damaged. the house is one of three that he bought in 2006 to wrench. he said he was not trying to be the next donald trump he was just looking for a way to put his kids in college. everything was coming out of my pocket. i began to have issues. after missing for payments to serve with foreclosure papers he thought he was don a year later he started getting $500 tickets for debris on the property, a $600 ticket for not cutting the grass. they even tried to
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garnishes wages. he found that the banks and basically stopped the foreclosure process on the day of the tax sale and effectively gave me the house is back. without telling me. this is probably been one of the biggest problems. he said that this is in a legal limbo called a zombie mortgage. she's with the woodstock institute of nonprofit research and policy group they started looking into a zombie mortgages after hearing from community groups that were having trouble with the banks that would start the foreclosure process and then walk away. they will do a calculation of the cost being responsible for the
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maintenance. there are no data bases that tracks on the mortgages but a 2011 study by woodstock found their earliedury 1400 mortgages that were stuck in the process mostly in african-american neighborhoods. we see them confiscated in the same spots where foreclosures and predatory lending was concentrated they were hit really hard. years later zombi mortgages are full of crime that have cost the city of chicago $36 million. how much would it cost? >> approximately $40,000. john who has trained his savings and
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saw his 800 curtis court dropped to 470, he is finally starting to see light at the end of the tunnel this year one of the house was sold on a tax sale and the other two are in demolition. it really has been a nightmare for the last four-five years. this was the worst decision i ever made. >> the lesson is if you get hit with a foreclosure notice do not assume the to have to leave your home right away in illinois the process could take up to two years to complete and keep in mind you are still legally responsible for the property until the judge rules against duke and the judge has firfiled with the couryou and has filed e court.
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6th delivering books to school children when there were killed her family met with secretary carry this afternoon. it was a very personal visit and a very comforting and consoling. the funeral is scheduled for wednesday. people arriving at the cook county federal court building struggled with the band that went into effect today. they warned people as they enter that their electronic devices would not make it inside. judge timothy evans says that cell phone cameras were being used to intimidate witnesses. it will cover 14 houses in cook county. relief is
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not done with the deal. the cubsy approach to the issue today. we will take that issue as it comes. this proposal will help us do that. he went on to say that the improvements are all part of a $500 million plan to build a better team and build a world series championship. i
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think we're looking at an extended period of seven days. here is the cool air. you concede they proliferate in number and intensity to maun night. look at those clusters of convected cells. hopefully turning to the south and warming up for a time on thursday. here is the amount of rain that is
9:49 pm
expected total. that is a pretty healthy amount of rain but it's not snow. look at the range eighties and fifties up north. it could fill some vigorous thunderstorms if that happens so we will be watching that. it will also be raining and it looks like there may be some song that breaks out. coming up with less than one week before the start of the playoff
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just as horrified as everybody else at what happened in the country today. the bull's head coach was assistant for three seasons today's attacks are weighing heavily with him. >> this is terrible.
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